At Lochhead Manufacturing Company we aren’t just vanilla specialists, we are flavor specialist as well. In addition to our extensive line of vanillas we also manufacture a line of complimentary Extracts and Flavors. Just like our vanillas, all of our flavors are manufactured to our high standards and feature those characteristics that Lochhead has been known for since 1918; purity, uniformity, and strength in every gallon.


When you order from Lochhead Manufacturing our name goes on the label and our reputation goes with it. Your specific application, target market, and flavor profile will determine which one of our quality flavors is right for you. If you’d like information, samples, or wish to speak with one of our Flavor Specialists please contact us. We look forward to serving you.


Natural Extracts:
Natural Peppermint Extract
Natural Almond Extract
Natural Lemon Extract
Natural Orange Extract
Natural Anise Extract


Organic Extracts:
Organic Lemon Extract
Organic Orange Extract


Other Flavors: Nat Amaretto Type Flavor
N&A Black Walnut Flavor
Nat Brandy Type Flavor
Nat Cherry Extract WONF
Nat Chocolate Extract WONF
Nat Cinnamon Flavor
N&A Coconut Flavor
Nat Coffee Flavor
Nat Ginger Flavor
Nat Hazelnut Type Flavor
Nat Lavender Flavor WONF
Nat Lime Flavor
Maple Flavor WONF
Nat Pistachio Type Flavor
Nat Raspberry Extract WONF
N&A Rum Type Flavor
Nat Spearmint Flavor
Nat Strawberry Extract WONF